Change happens.

Whether you are actively making change or,

meeting the unexpected (hello, 2020!) having skills to navigate through change is important.

Crush. provides easy to understand tools, a framework to quickly organize your thoughts, fast acting techniques to map better choices, and be more confident in your life.

Crush. What's Next?


On your time.

Whether you Crush.

three times a week, or once a month, when you join

our membership site,

get unlimited access to:

Zoom Video Sessions

In-person Navigators

1 hr. 2 hr. 3 hr. sessions


All Crush. session sign ups and accounts are

hosted on the Wellness Living platform.

Less worry.

More clarity.

Better choices.




Gift Card

 Give a Crush.

and brighten

someone's day.

A Crush. in these

change-able times

is a positive way

to say you care.

Fast. Simple.

Here for You.

Reduce your worry, and create an easy go-forward plan with focus. 


In 60 minutes, you'll experience a fast, quiet and effective workshop, create short-term bite-sized goals with a measurable plan and process map with valuable insights for your personal success in all parts of life.

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