It's not perfect.

But it is in progress.

We’ve spent nearly 5 years creating simple, fast and fun methods to help you meet change with confidence. Our journey has taken us from mobile to live events, to live online. Crush. is for anyone. So far, Crushers have ranged from 15 - 80+ years old, with a wide range of education, culture, gender, skill, income, status, responsibility and mindsets.


Our future plans included a carefully rolled out version of a digital Crush. for this winter.

...And then unexpected happened to us all.  And since we're all about the unexpected, change and transition, we paused, crushed, clarified and mapped a new path.

It's our Beta, please

help us make it Better.

We built our subscription site with no bells and whistles. It's not perfect, but it does let us offer affordable and simple, fast access to book, zoom and Crush.

Crush was originated as a smooth flowing 3 hour live event. Over the years we've discovered that different time formats each have slightly different benefit.  And even though the framework might be exactly the same, you aren't. Your Crush will differ each time, in the same way you might enjoy a workout with deeper and different focus from week to week.


1 hour, "mini-Crush.", is similar to a mental stretch and release class, keeping your brain flexible and clear. We'll also offer a 2 hour, and 3 hour, Crush. Depending on where you are in life the extra hours allow more time for your mind to tap, release and activate more.

You're the Captain.

We call ourselves, Navigators. We consider you the Captain. On every Crush. we promise to provide you with tools, information and maps to build confidence, skills and a safe place to learn more about how and where you want to go next. 

Thank you for your patience as we tune and get used to this new platform. With your support, we'll be rolling out more ways for you to increase your confidence, clarity and certainty in knowing what's next for you.

Crush. is . . . and isn't.

Crush. is designed to be easy to drop into. There's no special knowledge, skill or level of education needed. If you can write for yourself, you can enjoy a Crush.

Everything is private, you are not asked to share. And all the tools and techniques you learn can be immediately used.


Crush. is not therapy, coaching, psychiatric or a psychology service. Nor is it a replacement for medical therapies.


Crush. is complementary to many existing mental and emotional services you might be benefiting from - and is designed to help you communicate what you want and need more clearly.

Crush. is a noun, a verb, a place, and an action. Crush is not aggressive, it's a quiet, safe place to be kind to your mind.

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