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  • What is a Crush?
    A Crush, is a new format of event, we call a Re-Treat. designed to enable you to simultaneously relax and also actively organize what you're clarifying in a written plan. In the Crush. Re-Treat, you’re guided through a series of quick, timed, writing sprints, that help you define priorities, identify obstacles, set up goals, and move towards action. Crush. is offered on a free subscription site, with hourly and paid membership options.
  • Where did the Crush. come from?
    Our story begins, not with our founder, but rather, with our first Crusher who was looking for “a personal change playbook”. Her company had success with the corporate change-management program designed by our founder and believed it could be compacted and used for personal success. Fast-forward, from 2017 to now: we’ve had over 1000 people participate, share their Crushes and give feedback to create the Crush. Re-Treat. We’re additionally thankful for the many advisors, experts, educators, influencers, professional networks, corporate leaders, parents, and students, who have helped us build the method, join our membership and share the Crush. Our first Crusher, continues to advise our development and personally Crush. Crush. is a Self Investment service of Brite Catalyst, LLC. The mission of Brite Catalyst, is to empower individuals to actively grow, manage, thrive and lead their best lives. The Crush. is a Self-Investment program, created by Janis Nakano Spivack. Our proprietary methodology has been designed in partnership with, Dr. Chuck Clanton, PhD, MD.
  • Why Should I Attend a Crush?
    Most of us think about change as an event- birthdays, losses, and victories... but we’re always in change, and what we do (or don’t do) – is constantly changing us. Luckily, there are skills you can build to manage change. These include knowing what we truly want and why we want it. We try and offer these in compact "snack" moments. Once we have these skills we get faster at choosing what to do next. We stay positive, focused, and on path even when we encounter the unexpected or fail. Crush If You Want To…. stop feeling “stuck” act positively in the face of change or life transition feel clear and in touch with your values while you make a new decision understand the thoughts in your head and why you have them
  • How Does It Work?
    Our workshops are designed to be easy to drop into. Watch the video to learn more. The Crush. workshop Is offered in 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour formats. The difference in workshops, is the number of Sprints you practice, and time you’re given to complete them. Is on Zoom’s online video service. You receive a new link when you book a Crush. Is not pre-recorded. Each Crush is guided by a live Navigator (think Peloton for your mind.) Teaches you skills to define personal themes that are important to you, (e.g., family, work, health). Allows you to map an action plan with small doable steps to focus and make positive progress.
  • What’s the Best Way to Crush.? Where Do I Start?
    There is no right way to Crush. Crushes are designed to help you get clearer and more focused on how to choose the resources, tools and support we provide to manage change. Crusher Tips. If You Are: Not sure it’s right for you | Book a 1 hour. It will give you a “feel” for the Crush. Planning a big change, or milestone | Book a 2 or 3 hour. You’ll be able to see what you want to practice and get clearer on. Already invested in lots of mental care | Book a 1 or 2 hour. It’s a great way to get clearer on what to look for, ask for, and adjust in your existing support. Already on path | Book a 1 or 2 hour Crush. It’s a fast way to tune up existing practices to be more effective. Mentally Stuck | Try a series of 1 hour and 2 hour Crushes. Be patient and let your mind have a week or two break in between each Crush. Exhausted, worried and stressed | Try a 1 or 2 hour. Think of this as a mental “system check” where you finish with a clear written map of what’s important, with small adjustments you can make to get to what’s next.
  • Is There Any Preparation?
    Nope! If you can write for yourself, you can enjoy a Crush. Everything is private; you are not asked to share. There's no special knowledge, skill or level of education needed. And all the tools and techniques you learn can be immediately used
  • How Do I Sign Up? What Does It Cost?
    Crush. began as an exclusive, high-priced event, but our goal is to get everyone crushing. So, our subscription membership offers the same quality experience as our first events, at an affordable price. Crush. is a subscription membership with 3 options: free membership | pay as you go for each Crush - $20/hour monthly membership | $15.99 / month - unlimited Crushes yearly membership | $132 / year – (save $59.88)
  • Does Crush. offer Group or Business programs?
    Yes! Here’s the information on how to bring Crush to your employees or members.
  • Do you have a Navigator Training program?
    Our Navigator Training Program will be rolled out in early 2021. If you’re interested in participating, please email us here.

Become more

confident in change.

Through fast, simple, and private discovery of yourself.


This is quality thinking time, in a quietly guided and informed way. You emerge both lighter and inspired.


Every Crush includes a Playbook, skill-building,

Reusable Tools and Insights to keep clear and on course.


This workshop flows quickly, and you'll

finish with a map of focused activity with immediate actions.

Brain science, change-management practices and habit building methods, are practiced in easy to apply ways.



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