Crush. Re-Treats

Our 1 hour Crush. offers 3 times to choose from every week.

If you're experiencing change, we recommend scheduling a Re-Treat every 2-3 weeks.



Are your mind and emotions full

- but feel you don't have time to pause?

Try a 1 hour Crush.

  • This guided format helps you set aside and quickly review, sort, and organize your mind, emotions and actions into a written playbook of  small adjustments for big changes.

  • Perfect for those clear and on path, looking for ways to be mindful yet active.


Do you need some inspiration? Are you constantly worried and need insights and information?

Try a 2 hour Crush. Re-Treat

  • The private, secure, and flowing format helps  you discover insights and open up ideas to move with more focus in change.

  • This includes a 6 month to 10 year visioning with practical, and reusable techniques to get you inspired.


Are you in a big life change or milestone year?

Feeling stuck or simply ready to self invest?

Try a 3 hour Crush. Re-Treat

  • When we are clearer about what we truly want, it is easier to ask for it.

  • This Crush. provides quality time to review, reorganize, reflect and refresh your mind to make better choices for yourself.

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