Easy. Fast. Clear. Private.

Get to your What's Next with ease.

Are you experiencing change or transition ~ or  even feeling stuck?

This innovative online workshop

quickly and privately enables

you to discover and focus

on your true priorities.

In 1 hour , you will

shift your mindset,

make a personal action plan

and set yourself on a new,

more positive track.


Are your mind and emotions full - but feel you don't have time to pause?  It's time to Crush.

In 1 hour, you'll feel more clear and centered.

  • online video with live facilitator

  • 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour options

  • micro-workshop format

  • timed and flowing program


Crush. is a unique and simple method to relax your mind, and then provides simple written maps so you exit with real and clear actions, as you unlock solutions.

  • private, secure, quiet

  • light, informative, fun

  • quickly discover insights on your own.

  • practical, reusable techniques


Crush.  clarify what, why and how to manage your mind, emotions and activities.  Get confident in your choices, in all parts of your life.

  • a Crush playbook you sketch ideas

  • clear themes and priorities

  • practical calendar based actions

  • clear focused guides for better choices.

Keep Clear on what's important for you,

in Change, Transition and everything in between.

Multiple weekly workshops,  at a low monthly cost.

Crush. your what's next.

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