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& Flow Into your

Authentic Intelligence.

Too busy, overwhelmed, anxious, or on a fast track and want to go faster?

The Crush is a guided experience, informed by brain science.  This is not therapy or coaching. It's a repeatable method and with tools  so you can quickly reduce the mental "noise" and tap your own wisdom for answers.

The Crush 

"Webinar" style Micro-workshop

Crush Kit arrives with materials

Live Navigator Guides session

Private - No Questions, No Sharing

For Ages 15-80+

YOu Exit with

- Life Priorities

- Where you want to be - 10 year planning

- Clear Themes -focused & easy to act on

- Method to Turn Mental & Emotional  

   Blocks into Bridges

- Your 12 month micro-action plan

+ much more

In 3 hrs or Less.