What's Next?

Fast. Easy. Effective.

Change is constant, whether we're making it, or it's unexpected. Yet the tools and techniques needed to guide us through change smoothly are not always easy to access.

That's why we created Crush. We've spent years developing this framework that will enable you to effectively experience change, get inspired and map out what's next.

Crush. is a repeatable, fast and fun method that is experienced through a guided, virtual or

in-person workshop.



Are your mind and emotions full - but feel you don't have time to pause?  It's time to Crush.

In 1 hour, you'll feel more clear and centered.

  • online video with live facilitator

  • 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour options

  • micro-workshop format

  • timed and flowing program


Crush. is a uniquely simple method to relax and stretch different parts of your mind. Stress fall away and solutions appear and are mapped for action.

  • private, secure, quiet

  • light, informative, fun

  • quickly discover insights on your own.

  • practical, reusable techniques


Crush. complements mental stretching with a toolbox to discover what you want, clarify why it's important, and gain confidence in your choices, in all parts of your life.

  • a Crush playbook you sketch ideas

  • clear themes and priorities

  • practical calendar based actions

  • clear focused guides for better choices.

Our Membership Program Is Open

Throughout 2020, requests for Crush. events have been growing.

In response, we're saying YES.  Our membership Crush. is now open. We offer weekly sessions, available online, at a low monthly cost with more fun to come.  Crush and Be Well. We hope you'll join us.

Crush. keep clear in change.

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