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There’s a reason we all need vacations—it’s a break from schedules, pressures, and to-dos of life. But the minute we return, the stress does too.
And with today's fast changes, building skills to mentally manage every day is important but hard to fit in. The experience we created was designed to solve that need.
Think of it as a quick stretch class, for your mind. Mentally refreshing, science-based, and quality time to get clear. It's so unusual, we've created its own description, a Crush Re-Treat.


Stop worrying about the time you don’t have and Crush. what you do, give yourself an hour Re-Treat.

Give your mind a
get-away from stress.

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What is a Crush?
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Watch our short video to learn about what happens when you sign up for a Crush. Re-Treat.

But what is it?

Consider a Crush. Re-Treat as quality private time to relax and clear your mind and emotions.


Offered in one, two, and three-hour sessions and led by an experienced navigator, Crush. sessions are a micro-masterclass, a carefully designed series of mind-clearing writing sprints.


The key to this unique system is the simple framework, an easy playbook and repeatable skills to build, all backed by cognitive science.


At the end of each session, you leave with organized thoughts, goals, and next steps. No questions, no stress, no rights or wrongs—just clear focus and renewed energy. Just like a vacation.

Book a Crush

Book A Crush.

Crush. helps you empower your mind to do what you want, rather than escape it. Stop worrying about the time you don’t have and Crush. what you do.

  • Begin or keep on path in change. 7 Sprints, 3-week action maps.

    20 US dollars
  • Valuable insights. 10-year Visioning, 9 Sprints, 12-mo. action maps.

    40 US dollars
  • Quality time to review and reduce blocks. 11 Sprints +

    60 US dollars
  • Private 2 hours | 1 hour Crush & 1 hr. Navigation

    250 US dollars

It's Free to Join!

Once you sign up, choose from 3 Affordable Payment Options.


Hourly | Monthly $15.99  | Yearly $132

Tell me more. How can Crush. Re-Treats help me?

If you want to start a new career, a new life role or a new project, Crush. Re-Treats can give you a jump start.
Regular Crush. Re-Treats are like quick tidy ups that make room for what you really want from life.
Help yourself adjust to incoming change and build the confidence to chase new dreams.
Tap into your own wisdom to go after the goals that truly matter to you, because you know you best.