Map Your Path to What’s Next.

Right now, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or simply a little stuck with everything changing day to day.

The Crush is ​a live, moderator-led workshop, where you practice simple, reusable ways to clarify your thoughts and reduce mental "noise." You’ll leave with a clearer head, an idea of what is holding you back, and an action plan for moving forward. 

The best bit? It’s fast and easy!

What to Expect

​A Crush is a virtual, navigator led, workshop. We send you a playbook before the event, hop on Zoom and our navigator will guide you through a series of “Sprints” to help reduce anxiety, burnout and give you more clarity on what you should focus on next. This is all introspective, meaning no group sharing.


The “Sprints” you do in a Crush provide you with a reusable framework that can be applied in your day-to-day life when you are looking for clarity and to alleviate stress. You will leave having uncovered the patterns and “Blocks” holding you back. You will map out what is important to you and plan where to focus your attention next.

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