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Are you experiencing change or transitions - or even simply feeling stuck?
Crush. is an innovative workshop, to get where you want to go, with less stress.

​Build life-changing

skills to get where
you want to go.

What is a Crush?
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What is a Crush?

If you're experiencing a lot of change in any part of life, regular Crushing, is easy, fast way to keep clear, focused and positive.


Watch our short video to learn about what happens in the Crush workshop.

Book A Crush

Crush. is a fast, simple and easy workshop to keep your mind, actions and energy

clear in change. This innovative program is perfect for a regular Self-Investment routine.

It's designed to complement and enhance other existing self-care practices.

  • Begin or keep on path in change. 7 Sprints, 3-week action maps.

    20 US dollars
  • Valuable insights. 10-year Visioning, 9 Sprints, 12-mo. action maps.

    40 US dollars
  • Quality time to review and reduce blocks. 11 Sprints +

    60 US dollars
  • Private 2 hours | 1 hour Crush & 1 hr. Navigation

    250 US dollars
Signup Crush

It's Free to Join!

Once you sign up, choose from 3 Affordable Payment Options.


By Workshop | Monthly $15.99  | Yearly $132

Why should you attend?

Change is constant. The more skilled we become at seeing, and navigating toward the change we desire, the more adaptive and resilient we become.
Crush. is an easy, fast, clear, and private way to practice self-discovery, shift your mindset, and create positive change.

What will you achieve?

  • A clearer understanding of what's important to you, and where you want to go.
  • Themes that give you focus and self-awareness.
  • A Personal Action Plan (that you can track and update)
  • Repeatable techniques and skills to practice for all areas of your life.

You've got this.

Now you can Shop for Notebooks. waterbottles.

and keep you inspired and crushing.

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